Teah Khadijeh Brands is...

a Brooklyn-based spatial designer earning her MFA in Interiors at Parsons. Her work centers "home"-making, legacy, inequity, and destabilizing anti-Black racism in space. She is most drawn to interiors she describes as "intimate public spaces": small-scale habitats that comfort, amuse, and can be enjoyed by local community. Her ongoing project, Modes of Being, hosts the exploration of some of these themes.

In her spare time, Teah watches crime documentaries, re-arranges her furniture, collages, admires the creations of her peers, adds to her Are.na, eats Haagen-Dazs, and occasionally posts on Instagram.

Speaking of Instagram, you can interact with Teah (spoken: "tay-uh") in a number of ways:


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Earlier, Teah was...

Like all else in life, this website is actively evolving. It is hosted on Github, and while most of the code was written personally, some of it was inspired by source code from codrops, downloaded a few years ago. Text is displayed in Prestige Elite and VVS Nobleman. Design inspirations are archived and treasured on Pinterest and Are.na.